December 5, 2006

Stop Rudy for President

Rudy Giuliani is running for president. Although he is at or near the top of most polls, true conservatives can agree on one thing: Rudy must be stopped. Consider the evidence:

Rudy Giuliani supports partial-birth abortion
In 1999, during an appearance on CNN’s Inside Politics, Giuliani was asked about whether he supports banning partial-birth abortion. He replied, “No, I have not supported that, and I don’t see my position on that changing.” (source)

Giuliani later confirmed, “with no apparent qualifier, that he did not plan to change his current position in favor of abortion rights to suit the leadership of New York’s Conservative Party. Its chairman is calling on Mr. Giuliani to join other well-known Republicans in endorsing a ban on the late-term procedures that they refer to as partial birth abortions. But the mayor has steadfastly refused to alter his support of abortion rights.” (NY Times, A22, 12/1/1999)

In contrast to Rudy Giuliani’s extreme position on abortion, an overwhelming majority of Americans supports banning partial-birth abortion. (source) Rudy Giuliani is outside the American mainstream when it comes to abortion.

But don’t be fooled if he pays lip service. At John Cardinal O’Connor’s funeral Giuliani “joined in the applause, though unenergetically” when O’Connor’s pro-life beliefs were mentioned. A spokesman later said, “This was done out of a show of respect for the cardinal… As is known, the mayor is pro-choice.” (NY Times, B14, 5/9/2000)

And if he were to run against Hillary Clinton? “Mr. Giuliani and Mrs. Clinton hold essentially identical positions on abortion.” (NY Times, B1, 5/25/2000)

Rudy Giuliani opposes traditional values
As reported in the New York Daily News, Rudy Giuliani opposed President George W. Bush’s call for an amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. (source)

In 1998, Rudy Giuliani signed legislation extending recognition of gay and lesbian domestic partnerships. According to the pro-gay rights Empire State Pride Agenda, it was “the first significant piece of pro-gay legislation to be enacted in New York City in 12 years” and “a significant step on the road to full equality for lesbian and gay families.” (source)

Rudy Giuliani opposes 2nd Amendment Rights
Rudy Giuliani is on record opposing American’s right to bear arms. Late in 1995, he told the New York Daily News that, “someone who now voted to roll back the assault-weapons ban would really be demonstrating that special interest politics mean more to them than life-or-death issues.” (source)

In addition, Giuliani supports other restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights (source) and “As a strong supporter of tighter gun control, Giuliani filed lawsuits against 26 U.S. handgun manufacturers in June 2000.” (source)

Rudy Giuliani has been supported by left-wing parties, and supports left win positions
Joe Laux, Vice Chairperson of the Liberal Party of New York, said, “We have been responsible for the election of many progressive leaders of both major political parties, Republicans include:… New York City Mayors John Lindsay, and Rudy Giuliani.” (source)

“Advocates for abortion, gay rights, gun control and the environment didn’t have much to say about the Senate race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani. Both were pretty much agreed on the first three issues and neither had focused on the environment.”(AP, 5/24/2000)


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  1. Look, you crazy ass christian concervatives need to look at teh facts, the american public will no longer support right to life, or “traditional values” whatever that means. Please for the rest of us republicans please fold into the ranks of normal people and become a little more moderate or those pinko dems will win in 2008 (G-d forbid Hillary) and we are all up Sh*t creek. The fact of the matter is, if you oppose abortion or are against gay marriage oppose it on your own turf in your own family adn leave the rest of the nation alone. Those things are not the busienss of the governemtn and severs only to destroy concervative political campaigns so please for the sake of us all SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

    Comment by John Blackstone — February 21, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

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