December 8, 2006

Rudy Giuliani: Insiders’ say he’s weak

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The National Journal is out with a new Insider’s poll. The poll surveyed Congressional and Political Insiders, with 145 GOPers and 147 Dems being asked questions. The results? Rudy Giuliani was picked 3rd from last to be the GOP nominee, and was only the 3rd strongest candidate for either president of vice-president. Clearly the professional political insiders think that if the GOP wants to win in ’08, they must choose someone other than Giuliani.

The Results of the Survey:

Who Will Be GOP WH Nominee?
(First-place votes only)
J. McCain 73%
M. Romney 18
R. Giuliani 5
N. Gingrich 1
M. Huckabee 1

Who Would Be The Strongest GOP WH Candidate? (GOP, Dem)
J. McCain 56%, 71%
M. Romney 25, 11
R. Giuliani 14, 14
H. Barbour 1, —
G. Pataki 1, —
C. Powell 1, —
M. Sanford 1, —
G. Allen –, 1
J. Bush –, 1
J. Danforth –, 1
M. Huckabee –, 1
N. Gingrich –, —

Who Would Be The Strongest GOP VP Nominee? (GOPers only)
M. Romney 20%
C. Rice 18
R. Giuliani 12
H. Barbour 8
J. Bush 5
C. Hagel 5
T. Pawlenty 5

(Story on the polling here.)


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