December 8, 2006

With friends like these…

In the latest issue of National Review, even a pro-Rudy columnists like Richard Brookheiser is forced to write,

[T]here are problems. Do you have a few hours? Guiliani is down-the-line pro-abortion, including even partial-birth abortions… He opposes a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage… As mayor of New York he administered some of the nation’s toughest laws against ownership…His sabbatical from office-holding has allowed him to duck out of the white-hot immigration debate of the last year, but his long-term position has been refried Emma Lazarus. [Fred] Siegel, his great booster, told National Review Online that Giuliani’s lax enforcement of immigration laws allowed ‘several of the [9/11] hijackers to operate comfortably in Brooklyn only a few blocks from my house.’

Then there are the personal problems.”

I don’t believe in personal attacks absent a policy connection, so I won’t delve into the last of the laundry list, but one thing is clear. Rudy Giuliani is not fit for the office of the President. He may have been a fine mayor, but City Hall is not the White House.


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