December 19, 2006

WaPo: Giuliani’s Primary Hurdle

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The Washington Post is nearly on board with us: Rudy Giuliani’s liberal positions a high hurdle for him to overcome; they just need to go a step further: his liberal positions are wrong for America.

Writes Michael Powell and Chris Cillizza:

conservative party strategists and activists in key primary states are skeptical and warn that the socially liberal Republican faces a difficult campaign. They question whether a Republican who has had one marriage end in annulment and another in divorce, and favors abortion rights, gun control and immigrant rights, has much retail appeal in the evangelical and deeply conservative reaches of the GOP.

Here’s some choice quotes:

If the Republican Party wants to send the social conservatives home for good, all they have to do is nominate Rudy Giuliani

-Rick Scarborough, a Southern Baptist minister and president of Vision America

For us to nominate him, we have to say those issues are not really important to us [and] we care more about winning regardless of the philosophy of our candidate… I don’t believe that a majority of Republican primary voters will make that choice

-GOP consultant Curt Anderson

If I’m a Republican consultant, I wait until the Southern primaries and blow him up on social issues: the he divorce, the annulment, posing in drag at the party at City Hall.

-Democrat consultant Hank Sheinkopf


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